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IX Almaty<br>Interbanking Conference

IX Almaty
Interbanking Conference
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Evgeniy Tikhonov, VTB Bank, Austria
There are a number of conferences, where all financial intuitions from the CIS willingly convene. These are conferences in Sochi, St. Petersburg, and I would add Almaty to this list. As for key speakers, I would like to mention Konstantin Kolpakov from BTA and Jason Hurwitz from Visor Capital. I have recorded the whole speech by the latter. Report of a spokesman from the National Bank of Kazakhstan was posh. I also liked Kazakh lasses, wine and mutton shashlik.

Alexander Naumov, Bank of Moscow, Russia The conference was extremely useful and presentable. I attend it for the first time, but earlier my colleagues told me that it gathers people who might of use for both Russian and Kazakh banks. It is the case. The idea of establishing the Eurasian Club of Bankers was interesting. As a matter of fact one of the goals of my visit was to participate in the discussion of an opportunity of creating such club.

Lotar Schlihting, Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft, Germany
Dmitriy Bychkov, VTB Bank, Germany

We work in one city, Frankfurt am Main. These are two different banks, two major rivals. However, we meet once a year at a conference in Almaty where we conceive new ideas how to successfully survive in the world of competition, how to continue our co-existence. We choose two conferences every year. Almaty conference is among them.

Cristina Morelli, SACE S.p.A., Italy
Whey am I here? It is vital for me to learn the tasks and goals set by the Government of Kazakhstan, to participate in the discussion of economic matters. It is the first time I visit your country. It is necessary to visit a country personally, if you want to know it better.

Arif Babayev, ABN AMRO Bank, Kazakhstan
Thank you awfully for the well-arranged conference! It was productive in the working schedule and fun as the social event. Well done! Let's keep that up! I am waiting for next year!

Leroy Thomson, Kazakhstan finance, UK
We view Almaty first of all as a financial center. Therefore, it was essential for us to come here, the more as the conference has gathered representatives of the financial community. We have arrived with a view to distribute magazines and we have succeeded.

Henry Krzumuski, Euroweek, UK
The conference had rich and clear-cut program. Today, when the banks face an intricate situation it would be interesting to learn their opinion. Press briefings, where answers to questions were made even more than I expected, were a substantial aid. Several journalists from our magazine have arrived here, and this conference provided us with a good opportunity to learn the local market.

Paul Spendiff, Emerging Markets Report, UK
The AIC has gathered a great deal of top managers from financial institutions, whose opinion maters much. I think it is one of the best conferences in the region.

Eren Dastemir, Fortis, Belgium
It is my first trip to Kazakhstan. It is a beautiful country. Everything was well-organized. It is a great idea to gather all investors in one place, to traverse subjects together.

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