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IX Almaty<br>Interbanking Conference

IX Almaty
Interbanking Conference
  Conference history  
“Seeing once is better than hearing twice”, this is how arrangers of the I Almaty Interbanking Conference reasoned when they decided to convene bankers and financiers from the CIS countries. Thus, a main event in the banking business emerged in the former USSR. And now it is a tradition for representatives of the banking and financial community to meet in Almaty every year. Almaty Interbanking Conference has deservedly turned into one of the most reputable and efficient dialogue formats for the banking community in the CIS. The conference has more than 2,000 attendees since 2000.

Almost 10 national banks, 15 currency and stock exchanges, 80 second-tier banks, international organizations and foreign banks took part in the I Almaty Interbanking Conference. The National Bank of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Stock Exchange, the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan and Kazkommertsbank have arranged the pathbreaking event.

The II Almaty Interbanking Conference held in October 2001 had a narrow specificity and gathered representatives from 83 banks and financial institutions form 10 CIS and non-CIS countries.

Temirbank JSC arranged Almaty Interbanking Conferences in 2001 and 2002. Moscow-based bank Dialog-Optim, investment company Visor Investment Solutions from Kazakhstan, White and Case law firm as well as Austria-based Raiffeisen Zentralbank kindly sponsored the III Almaty Interbanking Conference. More than 270 delegates participated in the conference with expanded geography. Representatives of financial institutions from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Baltic and far-abroad countries took part in the III Conference in addition to 65 banks and companies from Russia. The majority delegates were members of second-tier banks, therefore the agenda generally covered challenges and prospects of activities of commercial banks in the CIS and Baltic countries as well as of foreign banks operating in the former USSR.

In 2003 the IV Conference of CIS and Baltic Banks unanimously declared the youngest interbanking forum in the former USSR and sole in Central Asia gathered over 300 delegates from 19 CIS, Baltic and far-abroad countries.

Representatives of 160 banks and companies from 21 CIS, Baltic and far-abroad countries met at the anniversary V Interbanking Conference in 2006.

Bank TuranAlem JSC arranged the VI Conference in 2005, while Temirbank JSC was a co-arranger. The delegates that time numbered 400. Bank TuranAlem also gave a party marking its 80th year of performance.

Almaty hosted the VII Almaty Interbanking Conference “International Capital Market and its Role in Development of Financial Systems and CIS Economies” arranged by BTA on September 27-28, 2006. The Conference has enabled a dialogue between financial experts from various countries, communication and exchange of experience. BTA was successful in knitting together all conference members and creating an amiable and hospitable ambience. TuranAlem has turned Almaty into a financial center like the Silk Road linked trade routes of merchants centuries ago. And the conference geography with 400 bankers from 30 countries has testified to this. “Banks now stand as intellectual centers of Kazakhstan’s economy. Banks always must be in advance of their clients…,” Chairman of BTA Board of Directors Mukhtar Ablyazov indicated in the speech of welcome.

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