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IX Almaty<br>Interbanking Conference

IX Almaty
Interbanking Conference
  Conference 2006  
VII Almaty Inter-banking Conference took place in Almaty on September 27-28, 2006. The topic of the conference: "International capital market and its role in development of financial systems and CIS economies". The Conference was held in the Regent Almaty Hotel ("Ankara").

Almaty Interbank Conference organized by Bank TuranAlem not only enabled financiers of different countries of the world to make a dialogue, intercourse and exchange of experience. BTA has managed to integrate all conference participants into unique community, inspirit amicable air and hospitality. As in former good times Silk Way linked trade roads of merchants, so does Bank TuranAlem today transforms Almaty into financial center. This is also confirmed by conference repute – more than 400 bankers from 30 countries of the world have come to the event. Banks have become intelligent centers of Kazakhstani economy. Banks must be in forward of the customer …", - said Mukhtar Ablyazov, Chairman of BTA Board of Directors, at the conference opening ceremony.

Bank TuranAlem gathered all: Swede, Dutch, Kazakh, American and Kirgiz - all those financiers who arrived at the Almaty interbank conference for making dialogue. Event air, traveling, and conference closing party in Oriental style have promoted communication, acquaintanceship and friendship for long years. Bankers from different countries associated in open and comfortable atmosphere.

As many guests noted, BTA has presented a platform for debates and partner relationships. "Know your partners by sight" – here is one of the major pluses of the conference. While in everyday conference meetings bankers established not always flat and successful relationships, as far as they were acquainted closer, financiers found fruitful mutual solutions.

The guests of the south capital have distinguished 7th Interbank Conference among other similar events for the program of economic and financial debates as well as for the festive and entertaining programs which were saturated with specific friendly air and where people were communicating, finding business partners and, which is more important, friends.

— This was the best banker's event, which united us in the best way possible. We have not yet seen such an event. BTA was on high, as usual – shared their impressions the guests from Ukraine, Great Britain, Holland, Turkey, Russia and other countries.

The BTA management, personnel and Group are grateful in turn to all guests including spokesmen, participants, and journalists attending regular interbank conference. All our efforts would be in vain if there were no your interest, concern and loyalty. All of us could be ascertained that the meeting of bankers was essential and evidenced the increased interest and attention of business circles. We are not in doubt that the next 8th interbank conference would be conducted with greater echo and discussing deeper matters.

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